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Reading Strategies Project 2: Chapter Overview

Directions: Using a chapter you have to read for another course, create a text features inventory for the chapter you choose, preview sheet, and vocabulary list. These are materials you can use to prepare to read as well as to increase your comprehension and to build your recall.

How to do each part:

  1. Text features inventory: List the features of the chapter that you can use to help yourself learn the material. If you can’t remember what this might be, look at the signposts listed in chapter 3 of Bridging the Gap.
  2. Preview sheet: Make a list of questions you asked yourself before beginning the chapter and your answers to these questions. Include your plan for studying. This should include how much time you gave yourself to do the reading and studying and the place and time you planned to do the work.
  3. Vocabulary list: This can be in the form of a notebook page or concept cards.

Rubric for this project

4     student includes all three parts of the project and submits a typed version

2     student does not include all of the parts of the project OR submits a handwritten version

4     text features inventory

2     incomplete text features inventory

4     preview sheet includes relevant questions and answers as well as a plan

2     preview sheet includes only part of the required thinking

4     vocabulary list has all key terms, appropriate definitions or examples, and correct spelling

2     vocabulary list does not include all of the required parts OR includes spelling errors

4     project is handed in on time and includes the rubric

2     project is handed on time OR includes the rubric

1     project is late AND does not include the rubric