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It's Tuesday and I'm catching up :-) I think!!

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My first heading

My second subheading

  • This is my first item
  • This is my second item
  • This is my third item

Day 5 External and internal links



My booklist


Wiki Educator for learning

Incredible Families Charitable Trust

Infant Mental Health Association 

Day 6 Using images

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My 'to do' list for the rest of the week (Tues - Fri 24 Feb)

  • Learn how to bookmark a page in Firefox - can do it at work; not so sure at home :-)
  • Finish Day 4 on Tuesday - done!
  • Start and finish Day 5 (Tuesday) - achieved on Wednesday
  • Complete Day 6 (Wed) - got started on Wednesday - still not finished on Thursday - I"m confused by the instructions! Will try again on Friday
  • Complete Day 7 (Wed) - completed on Thursday
  • Complete Day 8 (Thurs)
  • Complete Day 9 (Fri)

Here's hoping!

Then off to Wellington for 5 days :-)