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On templates, some notes

Warning: this is a template


second more text ( in Dutch: tweede meer tekst)

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assignment 6

On my user page are some results of assigment 6 (Day 6) Some images are on

good wishes, a piped link This is an Openoffice file, I could have made it a pdf file with Openoffice, but did not do that. I wanted to know if someone could change tihis odt file.

another piped link [| this is my blog]. It is in Dutch, but it has images in it.

Creative Commons makes it flow.

the third man is a very old movie

assignment 9

added <br>

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a definition is a short text describing a subject

another one


  1. one
  2. two
  3. three


canal in Middenmeer

this lake was called [Wieringermeer] that is Lake of Wieringen, [Wieringen] being an island.


more black

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