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Hi to everybody!

Tutorial 4: Basic text formatting practice

This is bold text This is italics This is bold and italics

This has no indent

This is one indent
This is two indents

Internal and external links (Level 1)

Tutorial 5 practice

This is an example for internal page link:

To new page: jorge vidals

To existing page in the Wiki (piped): Jorge Vidals

and this for external page links

As numbered reference: [1]

Displayed as different text: Nuevo León, México

Working with images (Level 2)

Tutorial 6 Activity: Inserting images and other media into my userpage

Inserting an image

Inserting an image

Uploading an image

Uploading an image

My editions 816

Inserting an image with thumbnail and caption:

This is an image with caption

This is my second thumbnail

This is an example with the frame attribute:

Image with frame at right side

and finally, image with size changed


Link to PDF document:

12th On line L4C Group

Colors & Blocks (Level 3)

This colors section was taken from Gita Mathur's userpage

Steps for adding COLOURS to your Page (L-4)

  1. Put in text on your page
  2. decide which set of words you want to colour
  3. add < FONT COLOR = "Green" > that is a less than sign followed by FONT COLOR then equal to symbol,name of the colour within double codes then add symbol for greater than.(Do not leave space between any symbols)in front of the text to be coloured.
  4. at the end of the text put the same syntax with the original colour name, otherwise all the text beyond this point will get the new colour.
  5. Example:I find Colours very fascinating.....this page will echo my love for colours
  6. Click on the edit button above this section and look at the syntax I have used in the line above.
  7. Normal colour names work but for names of more shades see the weblink I have mentioned above.

This is a nice way to add colours  :-)

Here is another Colour Combo  :-) In a different size and style.

This block section was taken from Rima's user page

A block-level logical division. A generic element with no semantic meaning used to distinguish a document section, usually for purposes such as presentation or behaviour controlled by stylesheets or DOM calls. width 640, comic sans MS 12pt fontsize padding 10 px

Centered block width 840px Script 14pt font size background orange padding 50 px

block with width 1040px Verdana-10pt font-size background lightblue padding 100 px

block with width 1240px Roman 15pt font-size background lightgreen padding 0 px

Fonts and Division (L-3)

Following section was taken from EL4C22_Feedback

1. How do I add color to my page/ make words colored + background?

  • This workshop will tell you how, meantime, click on [edit] link, study code of this message :-).

2. How do I expand my text a little bit bigger?

  • This text is little bigger. Try yourself by playing with "font-size" property value (switch to edit mode).

3. How do I draw a vertical line on my page to separate it into for content division on each side?.

Vertical lines can be displayed by creating a table, and setting some properties to it.

This is an example of a simple one row - two column table (external border color is white by default), separated by a vertical line, thus creating two cells, each one of them can contain text, images, audio, video, etc.

Switch to edit mode, study the code of this table

Please feel free to change values of properties of this table which are explained in right cell.

  • Notice wikicode {| creates the table, and wikicode |} closes the table
  • Wikicode |- starts a row.
  • Wikicode | creates a cell into the row.
  • "width" property is set to 100%. Try other values. See what happens with size of table.
  • "cellpadding" property creates a separation between border and content inside cells of the table (this table has two cells). Try other values.
  • "rules" property has "cols" attribute, this mean, only vertical cell borders will be displayed. (other attributes are: rows, none, all). Try them on.

--Gladys Gahona 15:49, 26 April 2009 (UTC)

Practice with Templates