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My Profile

Professional Background

Lecturer, Professional Engineer (Electrical), Teacher Educator, Trainer


University of Technology, Jamaica - Technical Teacher Education - Mechanical University of Western Ontario - Teacher Educator - Electrical Technology Southern Illinois University, Carbondale - Electrical Engineering Technology Southern Illinois University, Carbondale - M.Sc. Southern Illinois University, Carbondale - Ph.D.

My Interests

Information & Communication Technology (ICT), Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)


Teacher Training, Electrical Engineering


Special Power Systems, Renewable Energy


My Projects

Research - Secrets of survival of industries in recession Design - Power systems

My Sandbox

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My Reflection

A good education will not only provide the basis for survival of people but gurantee survival of a nation.

Feedback & Notes from my WikiNeighbours

(Comment.gif: It would be great if you would add a few internal and external links to your page. Great work so far. Warm wishes, --Patricia 22:31, 28 September 2009 (UTC))


Hello and welcome to eL4C30, a free online Learning4Content wiki skills workshop.

Enjoy the workshop.
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You may wish to check the schedule and layout of the workshop and introduce yourself.

  1. Click on the link EL4C30.
  2. The page that will open is the workshop page with all the links you will be using during the workshop.
  3. See your name in the list of participants.
  4. Whenever you have time click on each of the boxes.
  5. You may even start with Day 1 activities.
Enjoy the workshop.