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Employer:Ort Gutman High School
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  • English Project , Bagrut Project.
  • Research Question :Why do teenagers start smoking ?
  • Teachers name : Nellie
  • School's name : Ort-Guttman
  • Name : Haim Halastzi
  • Date : 1.11.08

Well, some of you people, must wondering how come do teenagers and people around the whole world are smoking  ? well I can give you some reasons in my project. I've chose this topic cause many people are asking even their selves why did they start with it ? and what so attractive in cigarettes, I understoong that this question is very interesting and hard to answer. So I decided to start and search for an answer, from smoker, from Passive smokers , profesors and a lot of more and I have many many answers to give you guys .

Body: Well , I've got so many answers to give you so ready ,set go : well . an answer from a smoker will be not be objective a smoker will tell you that he smokes cause he thinks it makes you chill out, but cigarettes can't make some one calm if he is addicted to it. The Passive smokers will probably tell you that smokers feel cooler than other people maybe special and different is the positive way. I've searched in the internet and I've found some logistic reasons of how come teenagers smoking : most of the internet sites say that addiction is the answer , at least in one word. There are many answer as like movies that effects kids, commertional of cigarettes, bad education etc . Well , as a smoker I can tell you that I was trying it, at the beginning I didn't really like it, but for some unexplainable reason, I've continued but I wasn't smoking often, just really some times, but since I've lost my friend , which got killed in a car accident I've start to smoke much more like a real smoker , which has a packet in his pocket just like that, and for another unexplainable reason I've didn't stop, and I love sport like football, soccer what ever. But I felt like the cigarettes is the best choice, and hell no its not! But I feel good when I smoke, it might sound stupid and rubbish but I forget my problems and my troubles for those 5 minutes of smoking. So lets go back to our question, why do they start ? because it might be cool, it might get you more welcomed in the company, it might giving you a chance, my personal reason is my friend, and no don’t you think I blame him or something, there's a sentence which says Once You Start, It's Hard to Stop So if you have ever though about starting, I suggest you don't, I say it from experience. Today the begging of smoking is 70 percents teenager and 30 percents are others, its not a secret that a lot of teenagers are starting to smoke, today every fourth teenager is a smoker that and the situation is getting worse. And most of the teenagers that start cant go backwards, that means usually they don’t quit smoking. I've never tried to stop, for some strange reason, I just love it, how ever it’s a bad way to "forget your problems and your issues" .

Conclusions The conclusions are, try to make the teenagers hate it, let them feel its bad to start and it stinks. Another conclusion I've managed to think off is the T.V, it shouldn't has any movies of smoking teenagers and try to make commercials that show that smoking is very negative. Last conclusion is getting harder with sales. That means only a one who is legal can buy cigarrets, only above 18.

Reflections Well, I've almost answered of all questions but I've answered on the major one, why do teenagers start smoking. It was a great subject to discuss on because its very actual and it’s a very bad incident that affects everyone not just the teenagers. It was kind off a good feeling and also strange one, to stand and stare the phenomenon from beside and judge my self, as a teenager who smokes, how ever its kind off a bad feeling that I mock my self, though its necessary !!!

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It all started when I met Frank, the most positive guy I had ever seen. He always said, "Dont worry, everything is going to be just fine". Well I was 15 years old when it all started. On that same day, I had a big fight with my parents, so I decided to go out for a few hours. I met my friend Lucas. He is in my classroom. We used to be the best friends when we were younger, but our friendship got colder and colder, people say he was taking drugs. Some of them said that was crazy, but nobody actually knew what happened to Lucas. When I saw him I said,"Hi,Lucas.", he smiled right back at me and said " Hi Haim, how are you ?" We were standing and talking for a few minutes, after that conversation, he asked me if I wanted to come and hung out with him a little bit before I went home. I had nothing to do, so I agreed. At that very moment, I preferred to kill someone instead of going home. He took me to some place that looked like an old house. He had sofas there. Just when I came in I knew that the rumor about taking drugs was right. He said, 'Come on'. Then, in that very house I met frank. We shook hands and started talking, sitting and talking. I didn't notice that the time ran so fast. My mom called me and I had to go home. Before I went, Frank gave me some weed. He said, " Try it; it will be your new world". I said, "Sure". The day after that night I tried the weed. It was amazing, but I was thinking about the money I could make in selling that. I was talking with Frank about it. He said that he agreed with me. We started selling and making a lot of money. I even could help my mother and my father with money problems. Two months of selling this weed made me so happy. I felt like I was the happiest kid on earth. I felt this for 2 months, but then I heard my mom screaming and saying, 'What happenedd?!'. I was running to see if mom was okay. I found out that the cops made my mom scream. They asked me if my name is Georges Ba and I said yes. They said, "we need you just for some questions". They asked some questions about the drugs. I didn't say anything. I went to Frank and he said don't worry everything will be okay. The day after that they took me to the police station again and they found out that I was selling drugs. I tried to catch Frank, but he disappeared. I felt like I was all alone, and I was right. I was alone with my problem.

(Comment.gif: That's quite a story, Haim. How is it connected to you, though? --Nellie Deutsch 19:53, 19 January 2009 (UTC))