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My school trip

My school trip was awsome, I really had fun. The fact that makes me sad is the fact that this is our last trip, that in the end of this year I will have to seperate my friends. we went to the dead sea, we was in the desert of yehuda, in jerusalem and many more places. we slept in a big tent and we also had karoke, we ate many many snaks and candies, and ofcurse that we ate alot of junkfood. i had really so much fun and i would love to come back and do it again. about the sleeping, well i didn't sleep so much like 5 hours in those two night together. this trip was just awsome.


Listening Skills

Listening skills are very important. There are kids who have a problem with listening. I know many kids who suffering from listening in class, mainly. Many students are listening but, writing in their diary or just doing other things that just look like they are not listening. How ever they actually are listening. So, how can you figure it out? Here are some ways to solve it: (1. Ritalin-This drug can concentrate someone very well. I can promise that the kid who used it will be quiet and he would listen also. (2. Well many kids aren't listening to their teachers because its boring so in my opinion, teachers should do the lesson more interesting, sense of humor is not a bad idea. So dear teacher, if you want the kids focus about what you're saying, try to use my advices.


Visa US

U.S Embassay

Ben-Gurion 8,3rd floor,Tel-Aviv.


Dear Sir\Miss Hello,my name is Haim,i'm planning to go to the U.S. I would love to visit there, I even got faimly there.Ofcurse I would love to live there as a real citizen,but first of all i would love to visit there and see how do people live there,see if their culture is really amazing as everyone says,and just then, after I'll check all of those,just then I'll decide if I'll come back there and start live there as a citizen.So why do I deserev to get the visa ?well i got many reasons: first of all,if I get the visa,it would be like a dream come true,just like that,I always dream to come to the U.S. second reason is that ive really miss my cousin who lives there,ive havn't seen her for some years seince she lives there,I miss her.

Well,hope to get a positive answer,Haim.

High Holidays

Rosh Hashana

Yom Kippur