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A few formatting tricks

  • bold would be written '''bold'''
  • italics would be written ''italics''
  • bold and italics would be written '''''bold and italics'''''
  • Indentation

This has no indent would be written This has no indent

This is one indent would be written : This is one indent
This is two indents would be written :: This is two indents
  • Headings

Level 1

would be written =Level 1=

Level 2

would be written ==Level 2==

Level 3

would be written ===Level 3===

To get a square box you should indent what you have typed


To get an

  • internal link with a different name you should write [[todo|My to do list]] My to do list

The first part should link to WE and should be exactly the URL without the WE part. To be clear [[Help:Contents|Help on WE]] will link you to so you have to omit in the link. [] will appear as an external link like a reference [1].

  • external link with a different name you should write [ eXe Web Site] eXe Web Site

Importing files

  • [[Image:Message_pad_with_pen.jpg]] is the way to go. Existing files can be used or file is to be uploaded. Attention, this is case sensitive.
  • [[Image:file name|type|location|size|caption]] gives you all the attributes you can give to your image.
    • The less obvious option is probably type, you can use: thumb, thumbnail or frame
  • [[media:name_of_file.pdf|Piped link text goes here]] will give you a pdf same syntax for MP3