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Contact-new.svg Frederique Vanholsbeeck
Employer:University of Auckland
Occupation:Physics Lecturer
Country:New Zealand
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Frederique Vanholsbeeck

I am a lecturer in physics at the University of Auckland. I live in New Zealand but I am originally form Belgium. I strongly believe that most people do not like physics because they were not taught properly so I hope that a resource like WE will help to provide physics teacher with more, better and more accessible resource.

I have decided to take part in a L4C workshop to be able to help to develop the website we are currently implementing in our department. I am enroll in the fifth one and it is really instructive. I would recommend to anyone who want to quickly learn the basics to enroll in one of these workshop. (Comment.gif: Hi Fred, It seems that you are very busy and unable to find enough time to organise your user page and your sandbox. I also find it difficult to cope while working as a full time teacher. I log in and keep the computer running and when ever i get few minutes I come and do some thing. That's how I am following my L4C workshop. I got some ideas by looking at some user pages. Please go to my user page. I have given the links there. Even my user page is not organised. At last now I have few ideas as how to improve it. Cheers! -- Godfrey-- (2:11pm 7th June 2008 - Seychelles))

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