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Contact-new.svg Erica Shilongo
Employer:Ministry of Education
Occupation:Education Officer
Other roles:mother
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My name is Erica Shilongo, an education officer responsible for BETD In-service teacher education, stationed at the National Institute for Educational Development in Okahandja, Namibia. Apart from my daily professional responsibilities, I aspire to learn how to use different computer tools to help me share knowledge and skills will my student teachers. Currently I am struggling to use the computer effectively, because I have limited knowledge in using different tools available on the internet.
However, it is my wish to develop competencies in using some of the tools from this WIKI training.How could I transfer these skills to students?


The idea of bravity could be explored to strengthen understanding of how to help your children.

Developing computer skills requires hands-on activities. Theoretical knowledge alone is not good enough to for learners to demonstrate required skills.