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About Me



My Bagrut Project


(Comment.gif: Record your project today!! Here is the information on how to do it.--Warm wishes, Nellie Deutsch 12:09, 26 December 2008 (UTC) )

Presentation of the Bagrut Project

Recording Your Bagrut Project

  1. You can present your Bagrut project by adding it to a powerpoint presentation and then adding uploading it to authorstream, adding the url to your project page, or you can let authorstream add your work privately on Youtube and then add the url of the youtube video to your page or you can add a collaborative video (Kaltura) to your page and add the youtube video authorstream created to the collaborative video. If you don't want to do that, you can use TipCam and bliptv to record and add your Bagrut project presentation. The various ways are demonstrated on this page.
  2. TipCam will record a video of your screen
    1. TipCam is a free and useful way to record a PDF file of your Bagrut project.
    2. Upload the TipCam file to BlipTV and add the URL of the embedded code to your Bagrut project.
  3. Generate a PDF file of your Bagrut Project on Wikieducator by going to your page, toolbox, download as PDF, and wait. You can then make a video recording of the screen (PDF) and print your project for the oral bagrut exam.
  4. Video Recording of How to Make a Video Recording of Your Bagrut Project using TipCam and uploaded on BlipTV
  5. Listen to the following PowerPoint presentation of my favorite spots in Israel. You will be doing the same thing using Authorstream or TipCam with Youtube, BlipTV or other video programs.

Demo on How to Use Authorstream for recording your PowerPoint presentations. Watch BlipTV for the recording.

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PowerPoint Slide, Authorstream, and YouTube

Record your voice on the PowerPoint slides and add to authorstream. <kaltura-widget kalturaid='4b6msq7s7k' size='M' align='L'/>

Writing Practice

Follow the writing course



  • My School Trip

the trip began on monday(3.11.08) we arrived to the school at the 06:00am and at 07:00am we drived out from the school and started our trip of 3 days.

at the first day of the trip we ariived to our first pick up at 10:00am and ate breakfast after a half an hour we drived