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Front Page

  • Title of Project
  • Research Question
  • Teacher's Name
  • School Name
  • Your Name
  • Date


  • Introduce the topic and research question or questions
  • Purpose of the project: Reasons for choosing this topic
  • The steps you took in working on the project


Writing the Body of an Essay


  • What solutions or conclusions have you come to.
  • Summary of your work on the topic


  • The process of working on the project
    • What worked and what didn't work for you.
    • What was the experience like for you?



  • Books
  • Internet web sites
  • People you interviewed
  • TV or radio shows

Class Bagrut Project Presentations

Bagrut Project Layout, How To Create a PFD File and Share, and Student Bagrut Projects Please instruct authorstream to convert your powerpoint presentation of the bagrut project with your recorded voice into a YouTube video so you can add it to Kaltura. All you need to do, once you have your presentation converted to Youtube, is to click on add video, YouTube, search and add the name of your youtube video for the bagrut presentation. I suggest you label your YouTube video with our topic for easy access.

Add Your Bagrut Project Here

Please add you Bagrut project youtube video to the following Kaltura.

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Feedback and Questions

Please feel free to ask questions and help improve the projects by adding your feedback.