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12, July 2024

Contact-new.svg Einas Yahya Aleryani
Einas, USA
Employer:Donovan Middle School-Utica, New York
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About Me

My name is Einas Yahya Aleryani

I am from Yemen,Living in United State currently. I have 4 children: two girls and two boys.

My children mean the world to me, I am Inspired by them and that's what's makes me up to do many things for them, and keep Standing. Everything I do, it's for them, and for all the Children that have been left behind.

My Work

I work as an ESL teacher assistant. at Donovan Middle School-Utica, New York. I also do legal Interpreting for Utica city court. I give Arabic classes for Arabic speakers who never attended school,also for non Arabic speakers at Mohawk valley community college.

My Dream

My dream is to help people,in a way or other.I have established Yemeni American culture organization to help Arab ,and Yemenis.Educate them,and make them aware of their rights in US and Yemen.At the same time rice the awareness of how the low in united states works,and how to understand to avoid legal problems,and avoid the negative stereotype that effected us after September,11 .We still don't have an office for the organization activities, but we are legally registered,and our office is home,until we get fund to rent a place. We earn our money for the main time by offering affordable community education,such as Arabic,and English. The Yemeni American culture has many goals and objectives. I dream everyday to make them happen, and to see the organization one of the non-profit organizations that have done true,honest,and honorable region- community works among different cultures,built the bridge of peace that never stood for just more than a word. "I started from home,to reach home"

My Interests

I am so much interested in :

  • improving my skills
  • providing our children with better education
  • making this world better place to live
  • bridging different cultures
  • Improve education in My beloved country Yemen
  • Set up a role model for my children
  • Help to reduce illiteracy among the Yemeni Society
  • Providing, Simple curriculum for illiterate individuals or groups
  • Promote the "Volunteer" term in Yemen
  • Improve the sense of high self steam among Yemenis living whom are in a different cultures
  • Help to train younger generation,in how to be effective in the Yemeni Society ,and teach them that sharing what they have learned or earn is priceless, so never ask for how much,look at the main principle you may give others,and inspired them by your efforts,and voluntary work you provide them

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Dar Alhajer, Yemen
Village of Alahjer, Shebam, Kwkaban
village of Shebam,Yemen

My Music

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