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Having given myself time and got assistance wherever available, I have gone this far. I hope this will facilitate succcess on the forth coming lesson. Perseverance is the mother of [success]. My hobbies are flower arranging and home keeping.

Daily success

Success is a daily pursuit fo most people who aim at reaching their potential.


When one wakes up every morning, one goes out to ensure if what he /she sees confirms the last weather forcast he heard. This determines his /her dress code for the day. Suppose on that day , it is drizzling with a a cold breeze and misty. If the individual drives to work , he also has to ensure that the tyres and wipers to mention a few are in a good conditon for this weather. In other words success is all about daily planning.


Some thinkers have said that:

one is an architect of his or her life.
The bottom line is one, success is within oneself.

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