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My name is Dumile.My conribution to WikiEducator would be to be there in assisting those who may have difficult in accessing the up-to-date free oontent provided by this project. As a stdudents'support services co-ordinator I have two major tasks to do after this training

(1) to provde information that supports the distance learners.
(2) to assist learner in aquiring skills that will enhance accessing information through the internet(e-learning or free content material.

I have been an educator for the past thirty-two years that have been punctuated by a year of further studies, short-term atachaments, doing certificated programmes through the distance delivery mode and seminars that enhance capacity building.

My Profession

My profession has helped me to study outside my country, the Kingdom of Swaziland , in Southern Africa. I did my first degree in the Kingdom of Lesotho. My second degrree was done in the Unied States of America Ohio State. Attachments have been done in my country,Massachusetts in the UUSA and in Bath in the United Kingdom . Some seminars have been attended in Namibia, Lesotho, Botswana and Singapore.`

I have worked as a high school teacher for thirteen years. For ten years, I worked as an in-service educator in a teacher training college on introducing new learning materials that primary teachers were to use for the first time. I also conducted workshops for for primary and high schools teachers. These workshops were sponsored by a number of projects. For the last eight years I have been working as a students' support services co-ordinator in the Institute of Distance Education at the University of Swaziland.

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