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Journey to Freedom by Leslie Kenton An amazing book that gives a step by step introduction to shamanic journeying. Not the theory but the practice. This was something I thought only American Indians did but I learned that peoples all over the world have methods for connecting with spiritual wisdom and that it is simple, safe and amazingly enriching. I never knew that drumming could do such things for consciousness and that there was such wisdom, creativity and bliss just waiting to be tapped. I had thought one might get lost in the astral world, meet evil beings that stole one's soul or have to take hallucinogenic substances. However, with Leslie's book I learned that I could safely and easily achieve states of ecstatic consciousness and tap into great wisdom and healing easily at home. The techniques described in this book have enriched my life, making it an even greater adventure, they have helped heal my body and emotions and opened up new ways of being in the world.