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First Name:-----------------------------------------------------

Other Names:----------------------------------------------------

Age:------------------------------------------------------------ Gender; (tick ) female ------ male ------

Tick the appropriate

Do you live in your parental home: Yes.... No------ Do you live in your own home: Yes..........No------ Do you live with a guardian/relative: Yes......No-----

Having started studying here, have you relocated to be around the university : Yes -----No----

Name your permanent residential area------------------------------- If you are employed. state your designation-------------------------- State your employer ------------------------------------------------ If self-employed, state your work/business ----------------------------State your hobies ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name of Last School Attended:------------------------------------

Year of completion:----------------------------------------------

Programme enrolled for :------------------------------------------

Duration of your programme:--------------------------------------

Do you have reliable access to a computer: (tick) Yes----No-------

Do you have reliable access to internet service:(tick) Yes---No---

Do you have easy access to the library : (tick) Yes--- No----- p2