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Contact-new.svg Mabataung V. L. Khati
Employer:NUL National University of Lesotho
Other roles:Head of the Department of Educational Foundations
Today is 29, May 2024
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My name is Mabataung V. L. Khati. I am a lecturer at the National University of Lesotho. I am currently head of the department of Educational Foundations. Our department is not that big. There are only eight of us. Despite this, the students are too many. We have about 600 students. Our Facalty is the second largest.

Educational Experience

The following are my highest qualifications I obtained from the Ohio University , USA.

  • Ph.D - Educational Administration.
  • M.Ed. - Higher Education.
  • M.Ed. - Curriculum & Instruction.

Workshop Expectations

My workshop expectations include the following:

  1. To be able to use WikiEducator;
  2. To be able to obtain relevant information pertaining my resereach areas;
  3. To be able to connect and discuss issues with people in my professional area;
  4. To be able to develop my own teaching materials,e.g., notes, handouts, and modules;
  5. To be able to paricipate in the writing of OER materials for distant learners;
  6. To end up being a Wikibuddy

Future Plans

  • I plan to use the knowledge gained to write my research papers.
  • I also have a team of friends I work with and from today the problem of having to meet regurlarly at one place is over. We will communicate and share the work. We will only meet to talk about our final product. Thanks to the organiser of this workshop and the facilitator
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