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Contact-new.svg Dharmendra Kumar

Employer:S.G.T.B. Khalsa College,
University of Delhi
Nationality:Indian Flag of India.svg
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My name is Dharmendra Kumar. I am a Lecturer in Mathematics in S.G.T.B Khalsa College, an Undergraduate college of the University of Delhi.

About Me

I did my Graduation from Acharya Narendra Dev Collegeand Post Graduation from IIT Delhi and pursuing my M.Phil. I like to interact with people from different background and share their good and bad moments of life. I have little bit knowledge of computer viz MS office, C language, etc. I am very passionate about all branches of Mathematics, especially fuzzy mathematics and mathematical logic. I try to help needful people as much as I can. I want my student should recognize me as a good human being and a good teacher.

How I Became a WikiEducator

I was keen to be a part of this workshop to learn Wiki Educator after looking at the notice board of my college, hence one of participants of this India/L4C_India_08 workshop sponsored by the Commonwealth of Learning and organised by two WikiEducators - Dr. Savithri_Singh and Mr. Anil prasad. We were introduced to the concepts of Open source, Open educational resources, the Creative commons licensing, Wikieducator. After attending this workshop, i correctly understood the value of open source to build educational resources.


I am working with ILLL( Institute of Life Long Learning ) to make e-learning material for B.Sc. Programme of Delhi University.

SLMtitle.png Logic

Formal logic

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