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(Comment.gif: Dear Vernon. You have made a great start. Tell us who you are, what you do and how you came to WikiEducator. The community would like to meet you. Keep going. Good work so far. Warm wishes --Patricia 21:09, 26 March 2009 (UTC))

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Telephone 869 467 1458
Address Warner Street, Cayon St. Kitts
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My name is Vernon Benjamin. I was born at Hermitage Village, Cayon in the island of St.Kitts. I am usually a very quiet and humble person, one who shows respect for all persons irrespective of class, gender or race. I love people in general and would like to see the end of all socio economic problems in the Federation of St.kitts and Nevis and the world generally. I believe in equity and peace for all and hope that one day all nations would be able to live hapilly in a world that is free from wars, illegal drugs and crime.

My family

My wife is Donna. She is from the sister island of Nevis. We have two children Hadiya and Kishmo.

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I was born at Hermitage Village, Cayon in the island of St.Kitts in the month of .

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