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Contact-new.svg Charul Shukla
Charul Shukla,My Linkedin Pgae
Employer:Omniscients Consulting Services Inc.
Other roles:Consultant for low cost computing and education using open source methods.
Nationality:Indian Flag of India.svg
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My name is Charul Shukla. I have 9+ years of experience related to software development, content development, technical writing and its related areas. I have specialized expertise in content development for IT books.

I have experience in IT, Web technologies, Microsoft Technologies, low cost computing implementations for educational institutions.

In past, I have co-authored two books in IT published by Osborne and Hungy Minds (Now Wiley).

Key Skills

  • Experience in IT publishing industry
  • Experience as a project manager in a content development firm
  • Exposure to programming world and software industry

Technical Skills

  • Desktop Computing:
    • MSDOS and FreeDos
    • Windows on all versions (still remember version 1.0 and as of now working on Windows 7(yet to launch)
    • 10+ Linux distribution
    • MAC OS X
    • Microsoft Office (Almost every version of it), Open Office, Star Office
    • Adobe Suites CS2, CS3, CS4 and versions before CS (Dreamweaver, After Effect, Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop,Acrobat, Premiere)
    • Virus. Malware, Trojan, Hacking
  • Web 2.0 Technologies
    • Blogging (Blogger, Wordpress, Moveable Type)
    • Social Networking(Orkut,Ning,Xing, inkedIn, Hi5, etc.)
    • Web based Image's sharing(Flickr, Picassa and many more)
    • Paper's sharing networks like SlideShare, Scribd, WiziQ, AutorStream
    • Media sharing(YouTube, GoogleVideo,, Metacafe)
    • HTML Standards, CSS, AJAX, Frameworks, Scripting, RSS

Contact Me

If you like to contact me, please use the following connecting points

  • Gmail+Gtalk: charul.shukla
  • Yahoo: charul.shukla*

My work

As a author, i am involved in the following books:

While working as a project manager in my previous company, i am responsible for brining out the following books:



  • Development
    • .NET Framework, ASP.NET, Ajax, PHP, Scripting technolgies
    • CSS Frameworks and various W3C standards
    • Educational projects
    • Mastering Wiki
  • OS
    • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    • Ubuntu, Fedora and
    • Opensuse
  • Web
    • Blogging
    • Social Tools
    • SEO


  • Photography
  • Renewable Energy
  • Education


This section provides you an insight to my all activities at WikiEducator, some of the question i tried to answer here and WHY, HOW and WHEN of my journey of WikiEducator.

Proposing to start a project IT education in india, for more details Click here


Here is a list of books, mags, blogs and sites, which i am using for my learning purpose from many many years, i hope this will benefit evenyone, will extend this list frequently..





Web Sites





How to Install Ubuntu Version 8.10 on X86 architecture

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(Comment.gif: Wonderful work, Charul. I am looking forward to listening to your podcasts and webcasts. --Nellie Deutsch 21:15, 23 November 2008 (UTC) )