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Contact-new.svg Charlotte Duren
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Occupation:Public Relations Practitioner
Nationality:North American
Languages:English, trying to learn Spanish!
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My Profile: Charlotte Duren

Charlotte Duren

Professional Background

I am a public relations practitioner with 26 years of experience in designing and implementing marketing, public relations, and communications programs for colleges and universities, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. I enjoy using my skills to represent the underdogs of our society -- whether it be people with special needs; schools, colleges or cities with untouted benefits; or a campaign forging new ground.


Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism, University of Florida, 1981

My Interests

Getting to a free zone in the schedule where I'm not bound by check-off lists so I can:

  • spend time with friends
  • goof off with my kid
  • beautify a room for myself or a friend
  • read
  • exercise
    • weight-lifting
    • walking


My Gallery

Streams in the Wasteland

Another Gallery

Streams in the Wasteland

point of inspiration for this photo

My Projects

BOE cards
Helping Hands

Getting my son to track and cross country practice as you can see by this pdf file!

media:Meet Times.pdf

About the Wiki Project

I am wondering if I need to create a wiki page for use primarily at the agency where I work to try to get some educator buy-in to use wikis! Some of the problems I anticipate are:

1. Getting top administration interested in participation
2. Getting top administration willing to give up "control"
(Comment.gif: You are expressing a valid concern. The best way is to introduce them to the wiki is sharing with them your positive experiences and showing them, in addition, to invite them to come and take on of our free online classes, to see for themselves. You could direct them here: Registration. This way they learn fast and compressed what WikiEducator is all about. The control issue in an open environment is of course something that is not easily given up by individuals that are using to controlling their environment unless they see first hand how enriching for a better result this actually is. Empowering people. Warm wishes)--Patricia Schlicht 22:05, 24 January 2010 (UTC)]]

Thanks for the advice. It seems you can almost measure how much you're heard by how much control you were willing to give up. Part of my work in encouraging wikis will be to encourage a sense of dissatisfaction with "message delivered" protocol and a desire for "message received and responded to." This, of course, is one of the basic tenants of communication, yet we can "talk" without being engaged in communication and that includes the "click/sends" available today as well as the old world press release.

My Sandbox

My sandbox

Passions That Keep Stringing Me Along

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A world where:

People had ideas they were excited about
That they were willing to share
That they were willing to change to something better

Feedback & Notes from my WikiNeighbours

(Comment.gif: Well done, you have made a great start. Keep using the skills you have obtained in the first week of our training. You are doing wonderful. You are on your way of becoming a skilled WikiMaster. Warm wishes,--Patricia Schlicht 01:50, 23 January 2010 (UTC))

Kia ora from Dunedin, NZ! I have really enjoyed your reading your page! The streams in wasteland is fascinating! I see you are experimenting with all kinds of files - I am beginning to get my head around that stuff as well but I keep needing to check back. Perhaps you could title some of those files like the PDF to make it easier to navigate? By the way, I tried to fix some formatting - i hope you don't mind... Still not quite right but wanted to try as I could well have been the one who mucked it up (smile)
Clairbee 10:37, 29 January 2010 (UTC)

Welcome to eL4C34

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