Making Connections

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Aotea College Making Connections Concept Map

Chalk it UP

This is how we started the making Connection Project. Students were asked to answer the three questions in chalk on the school driveway. The Level 3 Health Education students ran this activity at lunch time giving student a lolly and talking with people who contributed.

The questions asked

  1. What makes you feel connected at Aotea College.
  2. What makes you feel valued at Aotea College.
  3. What makes you feel secure at Aotea College.

Summaries of the student responses


In order for students to feel valued at Aotea they need to have support and strong links to their social group, family and identity. Students also think it is important to be acknowledged in all aspects of their being. This can be through compliments, acknowledging achievements and endorsing students place in the school. Aotea students also feel valued through mutual respectful relationships and an acknowledgment of their cultural identity.


In order for students to feel connected at Aotea College students need to have positive relationships, with friends and family. Students need to have teachers who are supportive and outgoing. Students also feel connected through extra curricular activities such as sports and cultural groups.


Students feel secure at Aotea College when they have good relationships with teachers and a good environment in the classroom.