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Contact-new.svg Cecile Bower
Employer:Department of Education and Training, NSW
Occupation:Chief Learning Design Officer
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Introducing me...

My name is Cecile Bower. I am a Chief Learning Design Officer with the Dept of Education and Training, NSW, Australia. My qualifications include

  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours in Drama)
  • Diploma of Secondary Education (English and Drama)
  • Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment

Work experience

  • 16 years in design and development of flexible resources (predominantly vocational some school) in a range of media (print, video/television, online)
  • Teaching face to face (English Year 10/Middle school equivalent to 'second chance' students

My work interests in relation to wikieducator

  • To understand open authoring collaborative content creation and how it can apply to vocational resources we develop for TAFE NSW

My personal interests/goals

  • building a sustainable home on my bush block (see my poorly out of date Frosty Hollow blog
    The entry to Frosty Hollow
  • learning about blogging and keeping my blog up-to-date one day
  • baking bread (if I had time)
  • reading voraciously
  • sleeping as much as possible
  • writing - again my contribution to the great Australian novel will have to wait
  • to work only 3 days a week (10am to 4 pm with an hour for lunch) bliss!

My sandbox

To do list

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