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Fenian brothers escape

Edmund and James English thought it a good idea to set sail for Australia from their beloved Ireland before the British caught up with them for a little chat about their Fenian ways.

Sydney or bust

They arrived in Sydney Town in 1850 with a farthing and some big ideas between them. They were young, fit and could read and write both in English and Gaelic. The latter was a language best kept to themselves.

Fortunes to be won Part 1

They could also add and subtract and fancied themselves merchants who wore silk waistcoats and bowler hats. But first they needed start up capital. The city was building a grand terminus for the burgeoning railway lines that were spreading out as far as 50 mile from Sydney. They needed labourers. And so began the English fortune.

Fortunes to be won Part 2

With regular wages they could eat three square meals and one pint pot a day. It was not long before they had

  • covered their scrawny shanks with flesh
  • acquired a second shirt each, and
  • enough money to buy one horse they could ride to the Gold strike at Bathurst.

Misfortune Part 1

Having never owned a horse before Edmund and James did not notice that the horse was lame and ailing. After 2 days and 10 mile the horse laid down and died...