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(Comment.gif: Dear Andrea. You are now most definitely part of a community of educators with common interests and yet differing perspectives. Our network consists of educators, practitioners, students, policymakers and decisionmakers of all walks of life in Education. You are your own limit, so jump right in. We are here to help however way we can. Looking forward to your contributions. Warm regards --Patricia 23:07, 26 February 2009 (UTC))

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A pensive moment in St. Vincent.
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My name is Andrea Phillip. My interest in wikieducator relates to the possibility I see in being part of a community of educators with common interests and yet differing perspectives.

I am employed at the Ministry of Education as Deputy Chief Education Officer (Curriculum). I head the Curriculum Development Unit which is responsible for the development of curricula for more than one level of the school sytem, with its main clientele being:

  • the primary school and
  • the secondary school.

In Grenada, a Curriculum Development Officer is a subject specialist and is charged with varying responsibilities. He/She is expected to:

  1. develop curriculum for his/her subject area for use in schools in the nation
  2. monitor the implementation of such curriculum and ensure quality in-classroom delivery
  3. give technical support to subject teachers re. pedagogy and content of instruction
  4. be a lifelong learner and expert in the area of subject specialization.

Literacy and educational planning are a twin area of interest for me. As an educator, I would like to see Literacy truly take central stage as an essential target of the Ministry of Education and a comprehensive national plan be drawn up, targeting Literacy for all by a specified deadline. The achievement of high degrees of Literacy is the single most critical milestone all learners must acquire, if they are to successfully navigate all subject matter in the contemporary classroom.


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