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To develop teachers
  1. content knowledge in the area of Phonemic Awareness
  2. instructional and assessment competence in the area of Phonemic Awareness Instruction

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  • More robust knowledge-base of teachers in the area of Phonemic Awareness
  • Increased capability of teachers to instruct and assess in the area of Phonemic Awareness

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Participants in this class would all be practising pre-school teachers with at least a rudimentary knowledge of the English Sound System and the understanding that this system must be taught in Language Arts classrooms.

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Key points
  • Oral nature of Phonemic Awareness
  • Differences between Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Instruction
  • Phonemic Awareness as a predictor of a child's future success in Reading

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The following resources will be utilized in this training exercise:
  • Commercially-sourced Phonemic Awareness games
  • Locally-prepared manipulatives
  • Photos, pictures and other graphics
  • Big books for 'Read Aloud' activities

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Web Resources

Grenada Literacy Policy

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In groups, discuss contemporary schools of thought on Phonemic Awareness Instruction.

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In groups, manipulate photos, pictures and other graphics as stimulus to generate initial, medial and final sounds of specific words.

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  • Each teacher will write a reflective piece on the workshop, explaining at least one concept or strategy or methodology learned in the training event. Each participant will share his/her reflective piece with a professional colleague.