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I am researching and exploring innovative ways of delivering less stressful and more inviting assessment tools.

Researching different language related criterion referenced standards and contrasting these standards to the standards presently used in develop B&A language tests.

Researching online assessment tools and candidates reactions to the processes.

I am still debating what I want to construct for WikiEducator, but It will be something to do with learning to participate in a conversation in American English. I would like to develop an interactive video, but this might be a little ambitious. I hope not.

If I am able to create an interactive video, I would like to develop a couple of scenes in which three people interact. The interaction will be in a kitchen; the three people will be Aunt Mary, Uncle Bob, and 'you'. The conversation will be about going to an American church wedding and reception. I hope to then create more scenes that will include buying a gift, the wedding, and the reception.

My hope is to provide language and appropriate cultural information in a fun video game like environment. I feel this is just the first step in developing these interactive lessons and later in a closed environment as these types of tests have to be human graded, using the same types of technology to create high risk listening and speaking tests.

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