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Crump, C. (October, 2005). Designing Fair and Valid Tests and Assignments: A handbook for Teachers. St. John's: Antigua Printing and Publishing.


Dear Teacher / Trainee,

This handbook is prepared especially for practitioners like you and me.

As educators, we need to be constantly exploring ways in which we can improve on the methods and forms of assessment used in our classrooms.

The major elements of assessment – Testing, Measurement and Evaluation – are presented in simple language for everyday application, even for the new teacher to understand.

The information is presented in four parts:-

Part 1: Exposes teachers to relevant knowledge and skills pertaining to assessment.
Section 1: Exploring the process of assessment and other related concepts
Section 2: Planning the test
Section 3: Designing the test
Part 2: Presents readings, on selected topics, related to approaches to assessment, which are clarified by examples.
Section 4: Authentic assessment: alternatives to the traditional approach
Part 3: Provides readings and practical examples of marking, analyzing, interpreting and reporting student performance.
Section 5: Marking and grading
Section 6: Evaluation: Making Judgements on the basis of information collected
Section 7: Reporting: Interpreting Results to provide feedback
Part 4: Extra! Extra! - Shares with the reader, two essential topics to assist in assessing exceptional students.
•Educational assessment and the exceptional learner

My expectation is that you will find this handbook useful in your quest to engage in effective assessment procedures. Then you can be actively involved in the ‘good’ practice of designing and selecting meaningful and fair tests and / or assignments which will provide valid measures of your lessons’ objectives. In addition, you will be exposed to the two main methods of reporting accurately to stakeholders – parents, administrators and students – about student performance and patterns of behaviour.

                                                                                     Cynthia Crump 
                                                                                     January 2005


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