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Name: Cynthia, Lucilla, Agatha Crump DOB: August 06, 1954 (Antigua W.I)

Cynthia Crump (B.Ed.; M.Ed) A graduate of The University of the West Indies (Cave Hill Campus) – Majoring in Assessment & Evaluation (Curricula and Programmes).

An educator for the past thirty-three (33) years; presently the Assistant Director of Education - Curriculum, Measurement & Testing, Ministry of Education, Antigua and Barbuda.

Philosophy of life is based on the tenets: hard work, diligence, perseverance and commitment; committed to strengthening capabilities and sharing knowledge and skills and have therefore accepted every opportunity to take varied roles. Professional experiences include:

  • Teacher: Antigua Grammar and Antigua Girls’ High Schools
  • Lecturer: Department of Teacher Education, Antigua State College
  • Facilitator / Trainer: Workshops and Professional Development Seminars at the primary, Secondary and Tertiary Levels; Census 2001
  • Examiner: Designing, reviewing, marking and reporting on local High Stakes Examinations
  • Advisor / Supervisor: Research Projects at the Secondary, College/University Levels
  • Researcher/Evaluator: Education-related projects
  • Writer: One publication: Designing Fair and Valid Tests and Assignments in 2003/5; Two other unpublished books; educational articles in the Antigua and Barbuda Teachers’ Union Newsletter and daily newspapers

Other Interests:

  • Dance – former member of the National Dance Theatre
  • Poetry Reading and Writing (First place in the UNESCO/Antigua state College Poetry Competition in 2004);
  • Music (fulfilling a life-long dream by teaching myself on the keyboard)

In addition, I am driven by the belief:

“Professional Development is important to improve not only the individual, but also others s/he comes in contact with and is responsible for….


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The Common Entrance results are used primarily for selection of students whom we evaluate as "passing exams"; the Test of Standards or Minimum Competency Test (National Assessment) is a useful tool in evaluating the number of objectives which students have mastered, and thus will be more useful in placing students fairly.

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