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Dr. Anjula Sagar

learning wikieducator in workshop in ciet from 29june-1july,09 it is very interesting to learn and apply for different work


me,anjula sagar,keen to learn new things and use for daily work Date of Birth:21.11.1970

Educational Qualifications:Ph.D.(Education), M.Phil (Education),M.A. Education), M.A. {Sociology), B.Ed., DCA, PGDDE (IGNOU), MADE (IGNOU)

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Occupation:Field Investigator, Specialization in ET
Nationality:Indian Flag of India.svg
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==<fontcolor=#cc0033>place of birth==</fontcolor> Born at Karol Bagh,New Delhi


PhD in Educational Technology

worked in last 12 years

in research

worked on many projects in research relating to primary and secondary education

in development

Development of Instructional Material A. Development of Educational Television Programmes Scripts on following Subjects: i. Atlantica Pt I & II ii. Ek Shahar Calcutta iii. Shakti Vardak Aahar iv. Three scripts on Pattron Ke Uttar (Script based on Analyses on Viewers’ Mail of Tarang Programme) v. Script on Fundamental Duties titled oZtfud lEifŸk dh lqj{kk vi. Ten scripts on video quiz series for primary classes lk

B Developed 50 continuity scripts for Teacher Education of Tarang.

C. Programmed Instructional Material for VIIth Grade Students in the Area of Science – Title: Carbon & Its Compounds. • An Audio Programme for Class IX Students – Title: Balanced Diet-Importance of Vitamins. • Seminar Paper as part of M.Phil (Education) degree – Title: Growth and Development of Distance Education with Special Reference to India. Guide: Prof. (Mrs.) Girija Mohd. Miyan.

D. Translated 18 scripts from English to Hindi.

E. Transcripted 35 scripts.

developed about 20 educational Tv programmes scripts transcripted about 35 educational programmes


attended about 40 workshops/seminars in different areas of education



training course

Articles Published : 1) In-service Education of Teachers : Exploring Distance Mode, Journal: Teachers Education, IATE, June, 2001 2) Electronic Media and Children; Journal : Primary Teacher, NCERT, New Delhi, July, 2002 3) Role of Environmental Education in Teacher Education, National Seminar at Dehradun, March, 2003. 4) Initiative of NCTE for teacher Education;National Seminar,Dehradun,March,2003. 5) Popularity of ETV ‘Tarang’ Programme Among children:Based on Content Analysis of Their Letters,

   Journal of Indian Education, vol.31,No.3,NCERT,New Delhi, 

6) Utility of Audio Programmes in Primary School Curriculum Transaction: Primary Teacher,NCERT,New Delhi,Jan,2006. 7) Utility of Audio Programmes in Primary School Curriculum Transaction,Primary Teacher,NCERT,New Delhi,Jan.,2006. 8) Role of Tele-conferencing in Teacher Education,Anweshika-Indian Journal of Teacher Education,Vol.4,No.2, ,New Delhi Dec,2007.


i like to learn from experiences of others and share knowledge with others


i love to read literature, articles of different researchers and writeup on latest technologies.


stories/poems like related to truth of life, presented in critically , funny manners <kaltura-widget kalturaid='18oikyu4jc' size='L' align='L'/>