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Husband’s Name : Dr. Lalit Kumar Sagar

Mailing Address : Type III/72, NCERT Flats Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi 110016

<Font= 24>Date of Birth</Font>:21.11.1970
Educational Qualifications :Ph.D. (Education), M.Phil (Education),

M.A.Education), M.A. {Sociology), B.Ed., DCA,PGDDE(IGNOU),MADE IGNOU) Ph.D. (Education) Jamia Millia Islamia Submitted on 31.12. 2002. Awarded (notified) on 16.1.2004 Title of Thesis A Study of the Status and Viability In-service in Training Programme for Primary School Teachers Through Distance Mode Guide: Prof. Mohd. Miyan

Title of Dissertation (M.Phil) An Identification and Analyses of Problems Faced by Distance Learners with Specific Reference to IGNOU Guide: Late Prof. (Mrs.) Girija Mohd. Miyan M.A. (Education) Jamia Millia Islamia Title of Dissertation A Pilot Study of Cable Television for Educational Purposes Guide: Mrs. Pushpa Verma .B.Sc. (H.Sc.) Hons. Delhi University

Professional Qualifications:

Professional Training 1 Training Course on “Audio Programming Production and Script Writing” CIET, NCERT, New Delhi December 7-16, 1994 (10 days) 2 Training Course on “ETV Script Writing and Production” CIET, NCERT, New Delhi February 15 to March 12, 1996 (4 weeks)

=Details of Experience=

• Worked as Junior Project Fellow from June 8, 1994 to September 30, 1996 in Central Institute of Educational Technology, NCERT, New Delhi on the project “Development of Multimedia Package for Environmental Studies at Primary Level”.

• Assisted in Data Processing and related evaluation work in the Project ‘Utilization of Interactive Video Technology in Orientation in Primary School Teachers in Karnataka State and collected data from Madhya Pradesh State. • Assisted in development of the following reports: - Evaluation of Programme “Adi Manav Ki Kahani” – Part I, September, 1994. - Evaluation of Programme “Adi Manav Ki Kahani” – Part II, September, 1994. - Analyses of Educational Television Viewers Mail for the Month of November, 1994. - Monitoring Report of the Telecast of the ETV Service for the Month of February, 1995. - Monitoring Report of the Telecast of the ETV Service for the Month of April, 1995. - Monitoring Report of the Telecast of the ETV Service for the Month of May & June, 1995.

• Worked as Senior Research Associate under DPEP Project from November 28, 1996 to June 2, 1997 in the Department of Teacher Education & Extension, NCERT, New Delhi. Project Coordinators: Prof. G.L. Arora, Dr. Ajit Singh and Dr. S.K. Yadav. Assisted in the following projects: - Documentation of In-service Training Practices (Report Published). - Monitoring and Evaluation of Training Quality. - In-service Training Programme for Principals and Faculty of DIETs.

Present Occupation Working as Field Investigator from June 2, 1997 upto date in Central Institute of Educational Technology, NCERT, New Delhi. Associated with the following projects: - Content Analyses of Viewers’ Mail of Tarang Programme. - Evaluation and Field Testing of ETV Programmes. - Monitoring and Evaluation of ETV Telecast of CIET Programme Tarang for Children. - Impact Evaluation Study of the Centrally Sponsored E.T. Scheme. - Development of Strategy to Enhance Viewership of Tarang for Primary Schools. - Need Assessment Survey for Media Programme for Middle School Children. - Enhancement of Viewership for Tarang. - Development of Educational Briefs of TV and Radio Programmes. - Orientation Programme in ETV Script Writing. - Effectiveness of CIET ETV Programmes Transmitted Through Gyan Darshan Channel. - Development of Media Production Briefs for School Education. - Field Testing, data collection and report writing for 10 audio programmes based on Bal Bharati-III. - Development of ETV Scripts on Fundamental Duties. - Development of Catalogue and Computerization of CIET Audio Programmes. - Development of ETV Programme for Enhancing Book Reading Habit among Children. - Developed draft of tool for Field Testing of Series ‘Ninu Ko Achha Lagata Hai’. - Development of Strategies for Utilizing Audio Programmes in Primary School Curriculum Transaction. - Developed proforma and collected CIET staff profile for web portal of CIET. - Assisted in organization of IAB. - Coordinating the project ‘Development of Quiz video series for upper-primary classes.’ - Coordinating the project, ‘A Study of the Effectiveness of ET Based Teaching Learning Material in Tribal Primary Schools.’

Development of Instructional Material A. Development of Educational Television Programmes Scripts on following Subjects: i. Atlantica Pt I & II ii. Ek Shahar Calcutta iii. Shakti Vardak Aahar iv. Three scripts on Pattron Ke Uttar (Script based on Analyses on Viewers’ Mail of Tarang Programme) v. Script on Fundamental Duties titled oZtfud lEifŸk dh lqj{kk vi. Ten scripts on video quiz series for primary classes lk

B Developed 50 continuity scripts for Teacher Education of Tarang.

C. Programmed Instructional Material for VIIth Grade Students in the Area of Science – Title: Carbon & Its Compounds. • An Audio Programme for Class IX Students – Title: Balanced Diet-Importance of Vitamins. • Seminar Paper as part of M.Phil (Education) degree – Title: Growth and Development of Distance Education with Special Reference to India. Guide: Prof. (Mrs.) Girija Mohd. Miyan.

D. Translated 18 scripts from English to Hindi.

E. Transcripted 35 scripts.

Articles Published : 1) In-service Education of Teachers : Exploring Distance Mode, Journal: Teachers Education, IATE, June, 2001 2) Electronic Media and Children; Journal : Primary Teacher, NCERT, New Delhi, July, 2002 3) Role of Environmental Education in Teacher Education, National Seminar at Dehradun, March, 2003. 4) Initiative of NCTE for teacher Education;National Seminar,Dehradun,March,2003. 5) Popularity of ETV ‘Tarang’ Programme Among children:Based on Content Analysis of Their Letters,

   Journal of Indian Education, vol.31,No.3,NCERT,New Delhi, 

6) Utility of Audio Programmes in Primary School Curriculum Transaction: Primary Teacher,NCERT,New Delhi,Jan,2006. 7) Utility of Audio Programmes in Primary School Curriculum Transaction,Primary Teacher,NCERT,New Delhi,Jan.,2006. 8) Role of Tele-conferencing in Teacher Education,Anweshika-Indian Journal of Teacher Education,Vol.4,No.2, ,New Delhi Dec,2007.

Article to be Published: 1) Popularity of Audio Programmes Amongst Primary School

   Children and their Teachers.

2) Viability of Tele-Conferencing Programme for In-service Education of Primary Teachers. 3) A Status of Distance Mode for In-service Education in three States (Haryana, Himachal Pradesh , Andhra Pradesh) 4) Impact of Teleconferencing: Reactions of PRTs, Resource Persons and Experts.

Reports Published :

1. Evalution of Programme ‘Adi Manav ki kahani – I & II, CIET,

   NCERT, New Delhi, September 1994.

2. Utilization of Interactive Video Technology in the SOPT in the

   state of Karnataka, CIET, NCERT, New Delhi, 1996.

3.Documentation of In-service Training Practices,DTEE,NCERT,

     New Delhi,1997.

4.Teachers’ Service Conditions and Redressal of Their

  Grievances in Private School.DTEE,NCERT, New Delhi,1996.

5.Monitoring and Evalution of E.Tv Programme, CIET, NCERT,

   New Delhi, 2000.

6.Development of Media Programme Briefs for School

  Education, CIET,NCERT,May,2002.

7.An Impact Evaluative Study of the Centred Sponsored

 Scheme of Educational Technology New Delhi, 2003.

8.Utilization of Audio Programmes Based on Bal-Bharti-III,

  CIET,NCERT, New Delhi, 2003.

9.Strategies for utilizing Audio Programmes in Primary school

 curriculum transction, CIET, NCERT, New Delhi,2003.

10.Study of Viewers’Mail of Educational Television {Tarang}

   Programmes Telecast Through DD-1,CIET, NCERT, 
     New  Delhi,2004.

11.Feedback for E.TV Programmes (Tarang) from Children,

    Parents and Visitors of 32nd National Science Fair, Raipur.

12. Aadivasi Kshetron Ke Prathmik Vidyalayon Hetu Media

    Karyakramon Ki Avashyakta-Ek Adhyan, CIET,NCERT,
     New Delhi,2005

13)National Seminar on ‘Perspectives of Educational Technology’,CIET,NCERT, New Delhi,2006


1) A Study of the Status and viability in-service in Training Progrmme Primary School Teachers through Distance Mode.

2)Collection of Poem.

Participation in Training Course/Workshop/Seminar :

S.No. Name Organised by Date/Duration 1. The International Conference on “Recent Trends in Educational and Training Technology” AIAET, New Delhi October 28-30, 1993 (3 days) 2. Workshop to “Develop Language Programme for ETV Curriculum based on MLLs for Class I-V” CIET, NCERT, New Delhi September 8-9, 1994 (2 days) 3. Workshop to “Develop Programmes in Area of Social Studies for the Age Group of 9-11 Years” CIET, NCERT, New Delhi September 19-20, 1994 (2 days) 4. Workshop to “Develop ETV Programme Briefs” CIET, NCERT, New Delhi August 29 to Sept. 1, 1995 (4 days) 5. Workshop to “Develop ETV Programme Brief and Activities for Environment Project” CIET, NCERT, New Delhi March 25-27 & 29, 1996 (4 days) 6. Workshop to “Selection of Themes and Writing of Programme Briefs for Educational Radio Broadcast” CIET, NCERT, New Delhi June 13-14, 1996 (2 days) 7. Workshop on “Development of Programme Briefs Based on MLL” CIET, NCERT, New Delhi July 15-19, 1996 (5 days) 8. “In-service Training Programme for Principals of DIETs” DTEE, NCERT, New Delhi February 11-20, 1997 (10 days) 9. “In-service Training Programme for Faculty of DIETs” DTEE, NCERT, New Delhi March 4-13, 1997 (10 days) 10. Workshop on “Development of Multimedia Package on Art Education” CIET, NCERT, New Delhi September 9-10, 1997 (2 days) 11. Workshop on “ET Evaluation – CIET-SIETs” CIET, NCERT, New Delhi November 17-19, 1998 (2 days) 12. “Professional Development of Primary Education Personnel Through Distance Education” DEP-DPEP, IGNOU-NCERT collaborative project New Delhi March 22-24, 1999 (3 days) 13. Workshop on “Development of Briefs on ETV Programmes for Early School Leavers” CIET, NCERT, New Delhi May 1-2, 1999 (2 days) 16 Workshop on “Impact Evaluation Study of Centrally Sponsored E.T. Scheme” CIET, NCERT, New Delhi June 7-11, 1999 (5 days) 17 Second Meeting to Finalise Curricular and Non-Curricular Test Items for Impact Evaluation Study” CIET, NCERT, New Delhi July 27-30, 1999 (4 days) 18 Workshop on “Selection of Themes of Educational Brief of TV and Radio Programmes” CIET, NCERT, New Delhi May 6-8, 2002 (3 days) 19 Workshop on “Orientation Programmes for Teachers in ETV Script Writing” CIET, NCERT, New Delhi September 16-20, 2002 (5 days) 20 Workshop on “Development of Media Programme Briefs” CIET, NCERT, New Delhi May 6 to 8, 2002 (3 days) 21 Workshop on “Development of ETV Scripts” CIET, NCERT, New Delhi October 14 & 20 to 23, 2003 (5 days) 22 Workshop on “Development of ETV Scripts on Fundamental Duties” CIET, NCERT, New Delhi November 14, & 18 to 21, 2003 (5 days) 23 National Rural Teachers Conference on NCF Review NCERT, New Delhi April 9-11,2005

24 Topic Identification for Development of Video Lecture for Sec. &Sr.Secondary Classes. CIET,NCERT, New Delhi July 7-8,2005

25 Finalize A Series of Video Scripts on Road Safety. CIET, NCERT, New Delhi July 14, 2005 26 32nd Jawaharlal Nehru National Science Fair at Raipur. DESM, NCERT& State Govt. of Chattisgarh November 11-16, 2005 27 Sales & Promotion of Educational Media Progs.,produced by CIET,NCERT At World Book Fair NBT, New Delhi Jan.27-29, 2006 28 Orientation Meeting for Effective Used of ET Materials In Tribals Primary Schools at Gwalior CIET,NCERT, New Delhi Feb.7-8,2006 29 National Seminar on ‘Perspectives of Educational Technology’ CIET,NCERT, New Delhi March 1-3, 2006 30 Development of Teaching Learning Materials for Tribals Primary Schools at Gwalior CIET, NCERT, New Delhi March 6-10, 2006 31 International Conference on ‘E-Learning in Teacher Education’. IATE with colla. Col, New Delhi Feb.26-28,2007 32 Meeting on National Consultation on Technologies Convergances CIET, NCERT, New Delhi Feb.18-19,2008 33 Workshop on Action Research in Educational Technology. CIET, NCERT, New Delhi May 14-16,2008 34 Meeting on Application of Edusat. CIET, NCERT, New Delhi June 10-15,2008 35 Workshop on Easy Now-CEMCA CIET, NCERT, New Delhi Aug. 6-12, 2008