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Creating sub pages using internal linking function

I hope now you know clearly two ways to create a new page

  1. Simply typing the intended page name after (don't forget to put the forward slash '/' )
  2. As an internal link using [[your new page name]] syntax

Page : 1 Now the question, how to create a sub page link?

Need of creating sub pages:

Suppose you want to create a separate profile page linked to your user page. Most often what beginners do is simply typing the syntax [[My Profile]] in the edit mode of the user page and save it. A lot of people will be doing the same. All of them will be getting the same page with the url, which subsequently result in an "Editing War" <smile> …every one will be editing the same page from different locations at different times to make it their own Profile page.

Now, how does it happen?

When you use the syntax [[My profile]] to create a new page/link and edit the same, the MediaWiki software will create a page directly linked to the root directory that is and the resultant url will look like . This does not provide indication about whose profile it is.

How to overcome the problem?

Now to create a sub page of the page of your interest, for example, to create your profile page as the sub page of your user page, use the syntax
[[/My profile/]] ie two opening squire brackets- a forward slash-your intended page name-forward slash-two closing squire brackets.
The resultant url will look like so that the page identity is clear.
If you are using pipe '|' function in the syntax (to display the link in the way you like), you can avoid the last forward slash.
Eg: [[/My profile|Anil's profile]]

Where to add the content as part of learning contract?

Ideally speaking before creating a content page we have to search WikiEducator to see whether there is any project nodes/major topic on WE where your content would blend in. In that case you can create a sub page for your content from such project/major topic pages. As you being a newbie, to start with, add your content as a sub page of your user page. When you get familiarized to the project nodes etc you can move the content to any location you find suitable.

Hope it is clear…..