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Rupantar is an NGO Click here for more details. It works in collaboration with COL [1]

Following is a code from

Thank you for trying out Open Allure.
This software takes a script from a wiki page
and plays it using text-to-speech
while opening web pages of interest.
For example, this text links to the 
Wiki Educator home page

There are lots of links here.
For someone new, it might be a bit confusing.

It might be nice to begin with
a getting started tutorial

This tutorial also involves a lot of reading.
Perhaps things could be explained step-by-step.
Begin by creating an account

Once you log in, you will see 
the participant's view

There are several ways 
to navigate

You can click on the toolbar or press Alt and Tab to switch windows.

Bread crumbs help you to keep track of your progress and location.

But eventually, you want to find your 
learning Activities

There are three main types of activity:
independent study,
and actions to perform.

Give it a try.
And don't be afraid to click on things to find out where they lead.

If you want to back up, just click your browser's back button.

To back up in this voice over, press the left arrow key.

Restart ...;[start]