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Contact-new.svg Andrews Kofi Nyarkoh
Employer:University of Education,Winneba
Occupation:ICT Instructional Facilitator/Technician
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My name is Andrews Kofi Nyarkoh. I come from Ghana. I work as an ICT Facilitator/Technician and I love Traveling and participating in ICT projects. Currently, I am working for the only teacher University in West Africa called University of Education in Ghana precisely Winneba.I involved in Facilitating during Lectures and Maintaining the University ICT Center. I have interests in Open Educational Resources and Technology Mediated Learning.I hold a Diploma Certificate in Hardware and Networking and Certificates in Basic Skills in Wiki, Advance Wiki and a Honoured Certificate as an assisting Facilitator in organizing a Free Content Development Workshops at the Winneba Digital Village,Ghana.I have also been involved in organising and conducting face to face Content Development workshops at the University . My motive is to be able to have everyone in the World participating in the development of digital content because everybody has a story to tell and has at least one thing that another person does not know. I believe that Free Content is the only way we can be able to participate in the new world of increasing technology use.


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