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A Flower in a garden,That is what I am.

spread fragrance and cheer where ever I can.

Bright and colourful are the colours of my soul

For the world to be a better place has always been my goal.

About Myself

Hello friends,

I am a teacher by profession if one had to take me on face value,however deep inside me I am still a student and look forward to the new things that I can learn everyday and every step of the way.The workshop on Open Education Resources that I am currently attending offers one such opportunity.The Workshop is being spear headed by Dr Savithri Singh ,Principal,A.N.D.College.

The workshop aims at imparting the skills needed to share our educational materials with the entire web community by uploading it on wikiEducator.It is a great opportunity fo all of us atThe Shri Ram School.Tsrs.jpeg

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Poetry Comp

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