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This was written to me by favourite professor Lesan.Azadi ' when your intentions are pure, and you are creative in your methodology certainly the result will be impressive.'

This was told to me by my late father 'Problem child becomes a problem person to the society so good academic ,social and moral education is required to bring up a healthy child with a healthy mind who will be good citizen of the global world '.

Contact-new.svg Mrs.Arti Ashwinikumar
Other roles:Tution teacher ,homemaker and a mother
Languages:English,Hindi and Marathi
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That's me

After I started with the course of e b.ed , I started getting involved in every aspect in whch computer and online learning systems like Saba centra ,wiziq etc and concepts like wiki educator could be used in teaching and giving students the very best made me register for this course of wikieducator.I didn't know anything more than e mails , google and chat on yahoo messenger when I started with this course of e.b.ed and then after that I learnt blogging ,making e posters,networking powerpoints,mindmaps and here I am to learn how to use a wiki educator in online or blended or a traditional classroom.

I would really want to use this wiki educator workshop to develop Open educational resources in english as well as regional language for students of primary initially and then may be secondary.Reason of thinkiing about regional language is that all underpriviliged schools have generally regional language as means of imparting education.So if I have to develop O.E.R for a muincipal schools in Maharashtra then they have to be in marathi,regional lnguage of Maharashtra .We need to make this this O.E.R's available to all students.No student should be left out.


Bachelor of Polymer engineering from M.I.T,Maharashtra institute of technology ,Pune

Diploma in marketing management from N.M.I.M.S Narsee Monjee instititute of management ,mumbai

Diploma in Chinese language from Symbiosis,Pune

Currently enjoying my course of bachleor of e education e bed from I.I.E ,Pune and YCMOU in collaboration with MS-CIT

My passion

Well,I love to write and this was a chance to go on and on .I would like to tell my friends that going to different places and not just touring the place on its exterior but understanding and feeling the people from the place what they eat and how they live and their ways oflife has always been my passion.Generally we do this during summer holidays .I love to talk ,talk and talk and make friends .I love reading ,playing tabletennis ,watching films and spending time with my sons Shubhankar and Pralhad.

I love machines then and even now ,its a great feeling to see a product come out of a machine just like butter melts in your mouth and if you are working late and second shift is on then its a machine and the product coming out.Believe me this atmosphere is so live and the moments are so beautiful that you can really feel that yes machines do have life and soul.Well, I come from production shop floor and thats my first love and being the only girl was always pampered by all managers ,engineers and workers.


I used to work in Bhor industries,a calendering industry, where I used to head electrical insulation tape department Steel grip.I had 265 workers under me and six shift supervisors.This job was on shop floor and one of the best in my life.

Then I worked for Polyset plastics where I was involved in injection moulding . Injection molding is done for all plastics items but I had specialisation for defence and railways.I use to work in production ,R and D as well as testing and manufacture of nylon 66 band for missile firing.This job is highlight of my professional career.I have done complete development of railway polycarbonate lenses and worked with railways and defence inspections.This inspections at times would run for 17 hours and I would be patiently attending those army inspectors by checking tensile strength ,or anyt other property suggested by inspector.This inspections which were part of my job at polyset molded my personality really well in terms of knowledge of polymers,social behaviour , language and personality.Most nostalgic moments of my life.

Then now I take tutions for C.A entrance ,maths thats my passion .I love integration, derivatives and limits ,differntial calculus ,I can breathe,eat and live with maths.Frankly speaking I had never believed teaching could give you so much of internal satisfaction and this tutions made me take up a course in field of e education and I am really loving it.


When it comes to talking on personal aspect ,I have no regrets of giving up my career and enjoying my status as a mother.May be now I will get into teaching .

My mother worked for I.I.T ,Powai,Mumbai ,a strong women in herself now a retired lady who is a part of book reading club .My father passed away in 2006 and used to work in field of medical composites for artificial limbs ,heart valves.Here I would say generally people say they are proud of their children but I would say I am and will always be proud of my parents .

My younger brother Amit.Joshi is a mechanical engineer and working with metallurgy department at I.I.T,Mumbai.

My hubby, Ashwin is a computer engineer and works for LNT Infotech and we both travel a lot and try out different cuisines as my hubby just loves food and driving so in short we are touring couple with great naughty kids Shubhankar and Pralhad.

My objectives and vision

1.Making open educational resources available to all segments of society .

2.Integration of technology,moral values ,knowledge in traditional classroom as well as undefined education

3. Developing OER'S for primary and secondary students which would cover all topics extensively.

4.Indian students would be at par with children from developed countries in using OER'S and technology .

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During our stay in Connecticut,U.S.A

Disney Trip Jun.
Disney Trip Jun.

My close friends on wikieducator with me

We are all doing e.B.Ed with different prospectives and ideas but we all have one thought in common and that is using ICT to impart education.So we all have boarded the same train of ICT express but our destinations might be different.Visit my close friends pages here.

Sayali Dubash - Sayali; Shijo D - Shijo Vaishali Hinge - Vaishali

Feedback & Notes from my WikiNeighbours

(Comment.gif: Waiting to see your contributions! --Shijo KD--KD Shijo 16:36, 10 June 2010 (UTC))
(Comment.gif: Hi Aarti,contribute something on your page, we are already enjoying it --vaishali--(UTC))
(Comment.gif: Dear Aarti, beaufully done. Congratulations !!!Kdshijo (UTC))--KD Shijo 18:33, 28 June 2010 (UTC)
(Comment.gif: Dear aarti, Very well written and a lively page:-) I am glad that you are feeling interested in wikiEducator now. Why don't you join the upcomming wikiEducator gives back workshop I will forward you the links. Now you can go ahead and add pages as well as sections providing internal and external links. Keep it up!Let us know if you need any kind of help --Sayali Dubash-- 10:15, 29 June 2010 (UTC))
(Comment.gif: Dear Aarti, welcome to WikiEducator. I am very happy to see the page you have developed. CONGRATULATIONS! I would suggest that you go to each day's instructions sent by me during the workshop & follow the syntax WE tries to teach. It is much simpler than what you have used. You can visit my page at the link below, click on edits & see how it is easily done.
I will be watching your page now on & will help you when needed. All the best. Warm wishes.--Dr. Gita Mathur 05:00, 29 June 2010 (UTC)

(Comment.gif: So beautiful page you have developed Aarti, All the best!--Vaishali 05:00, 29 June 2010 (UTC))
(Comment.gif: Aarti, Lovely thoughts. Good presentation style. Missed your activity during the workshop....but I see you are working hard now. All the best. Cynthia D'Costa --Agnes 12:43, 29 June 2010 (UTC))

(Comment.gif: My dear friends and teachers, I would like to thank you all for sweet comments and motivation I got from viewing your pages and I decided to work by watching your pages and help section and tutorials ssend by wikieducator. I too missed fun which you all had while doing it together during the workshop....but better late than never. Aarti --Aartiriswadkar 04:30, 05 July 2010 (UTC))

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