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Designed for particular analyses

Data mining resources

Simulated population

Hands-on collaborative activities

Topic-related resources

Study designs

  • Research methods laboratory. Provides examples of 5 different study designs: experiment, correlational, naturalistic observational, survey, case study

Student projects

  • Small Student Projects in an Introductory Statistics Course argues that the fundamental goal of a statistics course should be "To enable students to discover that statistics can be an important tool in daily life" and that student projects can be instrumental in achieving this goal. The paper provides many examples of such projects.


  • Distributome - An Interactive Web-based Resource for Probability Distributions

Resource Links

Statistics Education

Hayden, Robert W. (2000). "Advice to Mathematics Teachers on Evaluating Introductory Statistics Textbooks". in Thomas Moore, ed, Teaching Statistics: Resources for Undergraduate Instructors.

Cobb, George W. (2007). The Introductory Statistics Course: A Ptolemaic Curriculum?. Technology Innovations in Statistics Education. 1, 1-14.

Statistical Literacy

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