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This is a workshop series that will run in conjunction with the project How Haka tells a Story

Initial group of year 7&8s, includes 3 Year 8 students tutoring a group of Year 5&6, using these as reference documents [and in conjunction with work in UpStage [1] which will be installed on Ministry of Education servers

UpStage Workshop Series Outline
Workshop:Process:Online Outcomes:
Workshop 1 Meet online help person:

Check hand-outs/help documents and UpStage site Practice using workshop elements Check hardware and resources

Check – everyone logged in
  • demonstrate the use of UpStage, look at the tools

Assignment email for a login to UpStage

Workshop 2 Explore cyberformance

Practice discuss, story ideas and characters in a forum

Discuss online environments and the process of story

• Assemble at techstage UpStage Play • screengrabs and saving the log • explain use stage in devising process • using a captured piece of UpStage log and use it to explore the idea of character and story

Workshop 3 Go over workshop plan and decide roles

Make some UpStage elements, Backdrops and props

UpStage Play
  • playing with story elements, characters
  • storyboard, planning the visuals and soundtrack

tech: application, help for avatars (clearcutting, export with transparency),

Workshop 4 Online;

Story elements constructed and script written

Learn applications for creating sound artifacts
  • audacity,
  • learn about uploading sound
Workshop 5 Rehearse, refine and recount the story as a cyberformance
(within a given time limit)
Create own stage with show title,
  • set up splash screen
  • assign re purposed and new graphics and audio
  • practice show - refine