UpstagePrimary/Workshop 3

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UpStage Play

Playing with story elements, characters

First check your goals from last week (do you need any help with how to operate in UpStage?)

Script session

  • look at the log (or your script ideas)
- decide who will play each character or characters 
- remember you can be more than one but it is easier if they appear in different scenes
  • change your avatar name to the character you will play
- think about what your avatar will look like when you make your show
  • how will the avatar move?
- will they sit or lie down?
- get bigger or smaller or run, jump or fly?

Acting out a scene think about the other elements happening on stage while the characters are talking

  • what is the backdrop?
- is there a house, or a street or a forest
- does the action take place in a room or on a plane or a planet?
- will you use a photograph or draw the scenes?
  • is there an important prop in the story?
- does the main character have a hat that blows along the street?
- does romeo offer juliette some flowers?
- is there a crime scene? what was the weapon?
  • what sounds can you hear?
- is there talking?
- who is thinking?
- does anyone shout?
- is there the sound of a lawnmower or traffic?
- what other sounds or music might you include in your show?
  • will there be live drawing?
- does a tree appear to grow in the background?
- does a big shape fade into view when the space ship lands?
- does the answer to a maths quizz miraculously appear in writing on the homework book?

Make a storyboard

  • planning the visuals
- some will be already in UpStage (what backdrop, props, avatars can be used from other stages?)
- what do you need to make? who will do that?
- what is drawn before or during the show?
  • soundtrack
- what sounds need to be created?
- how will you make them? 

Go over show and workshop plan and decide roles who will do what, and when Make some UpStage elements, start with Backdrops and props

Do you need technical help?

  • which application?
- for next week help for making avatars (on a white backdrop, screengrab, clearcutting, export with transparency),