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UpStage Story Work


Continue to practice how you use UpStage and all the elements of the stage

  • Start on the learnstage
  • Have a quick run through of your story
  • Or a game of story story die [in character this time]
  • Check other stages for elements you might want to borrow for your show [eg that great backdrop from the show Maui and the Sun]
  • Remember to make a note of any new ideas that you liked [with screen shots and save the log!]


Story elements are constructed and script written

  • start with a run through of the work from last week
  • check the script progress or log from last workshop
  • review story board and task list
  • confirm who is doing what [this includes the performance as well as the production of the stage elements]

Technology Workshops:

Avatars, backdrops and props

  • creating your art work to use in the show [check the wiki for technical advice]

Learn applications for creating sound effects and music in UpStage

On a Mac?

  • Garageband [go to Applications and look for the guitar icon]
  • have a play with recording, saving and exporting as MP3 files
  • check the UpStage Primary wiki for helpful advise and technical assistance

On a Windows computer?

  • Audacity [free open source application works on any Operating System - Mac, PC or Linux]
  • Comes with a manual
  • Works on the wave form of sound so is easy to chop up long recordings into smaller chunks to upload
  • Check the wiki for technical assistance

Sound files can be big!

  • Check you know how to see how big the file is [it should be under 1 Meg to upload - the smaller the better]
  • When you are ready to learn about uploading sound ask for workshop permissions in UpStage


  • be sure you want any file to be uploaded [start by collecting things in a folder on your desktop]
  • delete any files you don't want [but make sure they are yours]