Travel and Tourism Research and Work Based Project

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This work based research project will provide you with the opportunity to use your skills working for a tourism operator of your choice. Once you have completed your work placement you will be able to share your experience and complete your qualification by presenting a well researched document showcasing the theoretical and applied skills you have developed over the past year.

Of course we will be here to support you throughout the project, offering advice, clarification and encouragement. We will do this through classes on a Wednesday throughout the semester, site visits, email and tutorial sessions. The Project is made up of the following components (all of which must be completed):

Casestudy 40%
Workplacement 40%
Presentation 15%
CV 5%

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This list of activities are to be completed by the end of the course.
  • The first activity is your CV.
  • This will be followed by your work placement and casestudy.
  • Once this has been completed you will present your work to both ourselves and your employer.

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Web Resources

Use these resources to help with your studies.
  • Finding information takes quite some time especially if you want to use different sources. Literature searching is a skill that needs developing as you will see here.
  • Here is an example of a case study for you to view Troy NY. There are also other case studies here which can be studied.
  • If you want some help with referencing then complete this tutorial.


This is a complusory course for the Diploma in Applied Travel and Tourism. It will run over the following period:

  • Course outline - A description of the written assessement requirements for this course

This course is used in the following programme