Travel and Tourism Research and Work Based Project/Course outline

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Course Outline

Course Title

Credits: 30

Level: 5

Purpose: The purpose of this study will be to examine / explore the day-to-day working of a tourism business.

1. Analyse the operation of a specific organisation:

  • The goals, core business and organisational structure of the organisation are described
  • The key processes are presented - this can be done by using flow charts
  • Relationship management practices including marketing and customer service are described
  • Facilities, resources, equipment and the maintenance of these are described

2. Analyse the context in which the organisation operates:

  • Competitive features are described
  • Key competitors offering similar services are briefly described
  • Points of differentiation are identified
  • Specific issues affecting the vulnerabiity of the organisation in a competitive market are identified
    • including global/national trends, legislation, health and safety issues, seasonal changes, quality issues
  • The cultural envionment of the orgnisation is described

3. Reflect on the personal and professional skills required to work successfully in the organisation

  • The tasks of two specific roles in the organisation are catergorised in terms of the personal and professional skills required
  • You own strengths and improvement needs are evaluated in relation to the skills identified
  • Own role (temporary) in organisation is evaluated in relation to standards and requirements of the organsiation (evaluation by employer part of this)

4. Research one aspect of the organisation (your topic choice)

  • One of the products, services or processes of the organisation, or issues faced by the organisation is described
  • History of the development of the product or service or process or issue is presented
  • Any available data about impacts, profitability, satisfaction, effectiveness of chosen topic is collected
  • Recommendations for improvement, resolution or potential interventions are provided