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for color - what are the colons in front for

now to make a link back using words

To get an

internal link which displays a a different name you should write My to do list The first part (before the "|") is the name of the actual page in WikiEducator and should be the exact URL address displayed after the part. By way of example:

Help on Wiki will link you to so you have to omit in the link. [1] will appear as an external link like a reference [1

Here we go My Sandbox

Images - already in wikipedia 2 of these brackets[ then the name of the file Image:Message_pad.jpg then close with 2 more of ]] You can search for existing images on the Wiki by accessing a special page called the Imagelist. (Click on the link: You can also find images on the Special pages link in the toolbox located on the left of every page. Follow the link to Gallery of New Files or Most linked to images

Image:file name|type|location|size|caption - the file name must include type eg jane.jpg, the type can be a thumb for thumbnail, location can be left, right, center

insert pdf put the following between 2 of these[ media:name_of_file.pdf|Piped link text goes here

Vandal entries

Pseudo Vandalism - Testing the revert feature In this activity you will attempt a "vandal" entry on your User page and correct this using the revert feature. NB: You must make sure that this activity is done on your own User page

Make sure you're logged in and go to your user page. (Click on your User name beside the image at the very top of any page). Click on the edit tab so you can make a change on your user page. Make sure that you are on your user page. You should see the heading: User:<your user name here> Enter the following text: "This is a dummy vandal entry" Click on the "Save page" button. You should now see your pseudo vandal entry on your user page. Now click on the history tab or link above the content area of your User page Check that the two most recent edits are highlighted in the radio buttons on the history page. Then click on the "Compare Selected Versions" button. Your most recent change, i.e. "This is a dummy vandal entry" should be displayed in red text. Click on the "Older edit" link above the left hand column on your page. This will take you back to the previous version of the page edit. You can preview to see whether the "vandal text" has been removed by scrolling down the page and checking that it shows the published view of the previous edit. Assuming you are happy with this version of the page, click on the "edit" link. Now click on the Save Page button without making any changes. Congratulations - you have now reverted your page back to a previous version, effectively removing your dummy vandal entry.



changing skins

Yesterady I changed my skin, today I can't remember how I did this and I want to revert to the default skin. How do I do this? --Seine 00:16, 31 August 2009 (UTC)

Login and go to the "my preferences" link (top right hand side of your browser). Or . Click on the skin tab and select "MonoBook (default)" ----Wayne Mackintosh 00:23, 31 August 2009 (UTC)


idevices - for examples of idevices(think templates for wikieducator) templates as a pdf cheatsheet

others of interest