Youth policy advocacy

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Thanks Simon for your contributions. You raise very pertinent issues that link policy development and advocacy that is necessary. You mention that youth participation in developing the policy was challenging coupled by the fact that there isn't an action plan nor financial resources to support implementation of the policy: I see a huge opportunity here for advocacy work, that should lead to developing an action plan as well as identifying resources to implement the plan. Before we get to the implementation process - would you say that a majority of Ghanaian youth can relate to the issues identified in the policy? I believe it was sustained advocacy work that led the Government launching the policy - how were the advocacy campaigns organised?

I note that you use social media for your advocacy campaigns - has this channel worked especially if the message has to reach Government?

Nmunala (talk)01:55, 19 February 2011

Dear Nellie arising from Simon's observations above and what I have observed in my experience, I note that usually a lot of efforts are directed towards having a very well written policy document and when it is launched usually there is insufficent funding or lack of proper implementation and monitoring mechanism. Would it be helpful to ensure that these concerns are addressed before a Youth Policy is launched?

GabKon (talk)02:12, 19 February 2011