Youth policy advocacy

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Hi! Everyone

I have been engaged in the youth policy advocacy work in my country , but it wasn't the National Youth Policy but rather specifically on HIV/AIDS and young people , these workshop was organized by UNFPA. What worked well was the development of the policy but the implementation is still on going but so far I would say is going well. In the past I would say in my country most of the youth policy where on paper but not on implematation , where there was implementation there will be no continous monitoring and evaluation of on these . When now I go back to Youth Policy's on Entrepreneurship which I have not been engaged on , I would say currently most of it is being implemented , especially that our government is trying by almeans to encourage young people to venture into business.

Because I was not involved in the policy advocacy work for the Entrepreneurship one nor the National Youth policy one I can't comment much on them.


Koziba (talk)21:58, 18 February 2011