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Hi Jerry,

This is a very interesting project. Wonderful addition to WikiEducator content.

My suggestions relate to formatting of the information.

  1. I suggest using the built in header system for the 1.1 through 1.9 headings. And I'd drop the numbering. If you use one of the headers, this will automatically create a numbered table of contents, including links to each heading.
  2. Another suggestion is to use the built-in numbering and bulleting feature. Although I don't know of a way to create outline numbering, as shown in section 1.4, you can create bulleted lists inside numbered lists. I'm not sure if subsetting bullets inside numbers is available in rich text editing (RTE), but I am happy to help you learn how to do it with straight wiki syntax (after a little practice and further study, many find wiki syntax preferable to RTE).
  3. I don't think having the text to the left of table is useful. I suggest centering the table, which should force the text to begin afterwards.
  4. Another useful addition is categories. For now you could categorize this page in Category:Tanzania and Category:Horticulture. If your project will ultimately have a number of pages, which appears you have planned, you could create a category for the project, which could then be a subcategory in other more broad categories. But this is down the road a ways.

I'll check back soon to see how you made out.

Your WikiNeighbor, Alison

ASnieckus (talk)03:11, 24 May 2011