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I'm a teacher of 12 year old students in a First & Middle School near Worcester in the UK.

I have been assigned the task, along with a colleague, of introducing our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or Learning Platform to our students during the next academic year which starts in a few weeks time. Our VLE has the facility to host forums, blogs and Wikis within a secure password protected environment. This should link to our VLE if you would like to see the public side: St Barnabas VLE

  • How might I introduce blogs and wikis to my students?
  • Has anyone got any ideas/suggestions/activities that I might use?

I've tried to incorporate some activities into an English unit of work based around a novel: The Bailey Game by Celia Rees. I could share my planning document if that would be helpful.

Over to you guys...


Bopthehonest (talk)00:03, 6 August 2009

Hello Steve,

Glad to know that you are a teacher of 12 year-old students in the First & Middle School near Worcester in the U.K. Interestingly, I am also in the city of Worcester in Massachusetts here in the U.S., which I believe has some historical connections with the city of Worcester in the U.K.

  • I was also involved with a middle school for a couple years and created a blog at to connect the school, Webster Middle School with the town community, thus making it easier for parents and guardians to find what their students are doing in school.
  • I moved out to do more computer-related training for students and their parents in a community.
  • I did a six-week consulting for pastors at the Pentecost Leadership Training & Retreat Center at
  • Right now I am involved with teaching of an African language as a second language for native English speakers at Harvard University

My goal is to graduate into using wikis in addition to blogs for educational purposes generally and the learning of African language in particular.


Kwaaku (talk)12:08, 6 August 2009