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Dear Michael,

Please refer to the Wiki Cheatlist for help on how to do this. Important is the syntax of course. Safe the picture or image on your harddrive in the publically accessible tray, not your personal, to enable the system to access the information.

Then go to your user page and create your sandbox by writing this: My Sandbox. dont forget to save this. Go back to your user page. You will see a highlight in red saying My Sandbox. It is red, because there is nothing on your sub-page yet (sub-page, because it a sub-page to your user page).

Now click on My Sandbox and enter this: for instance
Michael Clarke
. Save this page again (button below on the very page).

Again the link will appear on your My Sandbox page now in red. click on it and a new window will open. Click on Browse and look for your photo on the public drive, where you saved it. Name the photo below in the next line and click okay.

Ideally, you will have now uploaded the photo to your Sandbox.

Try this and let me know how it worked.

Hope this helps. The cheatlist also gives you info on how to upload

cheers, Patricia

Pschlicht (talk)07:38, 22 November 2007