Thoughts on a team for developing a team of History authors

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Hi Thanks for your note.

I'm pleased that you have enjoyed your workshop and welcome to the the WE family!

Why not start a portal page for History teachers (see instructions here)

Be sure to link this from the India page as well.

Recruit a few history teachers to work with you -- they are most welcome to sign up for the next workshop.

I look forward to seeing this project evolve :-)


Mackiwg (talk)14:13, 18 June 2010

 Dear Wayne, I will work towards building up a team of History teachers. I have been searching for content on History topics for school level but failed most of the time. Thanks for your help and suggestion.  --KD Shijo 13:28, 25 June 2010 (UTC)

Kdshijo (talk)02:28, 26 June 2010